About Eric "Botbook" Beer

As I tend to work through my various projects on short turn arounds I am always looking for new work, feel free to contact me with commission work or contract!

I've worked with programmers, novelists, animators, comic creators, painters, procrastinators, musicians, entire studios and even a robot or two.  

If you can name the art form I've probably had my hand dipped into it and dragged back out a piece of work(s) from concept art, to full illustrative features, to props, to paintings.



My Works Include:

  • Lead Art Director for Heartwood pitch bible (2016) currently undergoing pre-production
  • Multiple pieces of track and album art work, graphic and poster designs between several musicians notable musicians. ie: The Light Of East Ensemble, Beamer Skatepark, Worthikids
  • An Art Director, and Head of Communtiy Management  for the cartoon band: The Monstars
  • Raised over 1000 dollars singularly for an indiegogo charity event with character commissions
  • Contributor and Partner Art Director for "Project Amaranth" an RPG Dungeon Crawler greenlit on steam by Nona Collective LLC.
  • Contributor to Ian Worthington's platformer Spider Game, as well work alongside other indie developers across multiple games.